Have you ever found yourself relaxing on a restaurant patio, sipping a cool drink and chatting with friends, when your eye suddenly catches the deck railing and you think, “Wait a minute, that looks really cool!”

Ok, ok, maybe that’s just us. You can’t blame us--we’re deck dudes! But seriously, have you seen railing like this before? It’s called cable deck railing, and it’s wildly popular due to its high degree of design flexibility, long-lasting materials, and ease of install.

If you’re feeling inspired by this unique and attractive style of railing, we have plenty of completed projects you can use to draw inspiration for your own cable deck railing ideas.


Cable railing has grown in popularity in large part due to the wide visibility offered by the sleek and stylish stainless steel cables. The cables vanish into the background, giving you an unimpeded view of your landscape while still offering the security and tensile strength of traditional deck railing materials.

The cables are threaded through posts and tightly secured so that they can stand against the elements and serve as a barrier to protect children and pets from falling through the spaces between each rail.

Cable deck railing posts can be painted any color to match your deck and style of home. Best of all, the top railing can be customized to give your deck a pop of unique character. Whether you want to install a composite, wood or metal top rail, cable deck railing always looks sleek and stylish.


Perhaps the biggest perk of cable deck railing is that it is compatible with practically any style of home. From ranchers and contemporary homes, to log cabins and tudors, cable railing adds a beautiful finishing touch to the exterior of any home.

Cable railing works especially well with modern home designs, whose angled and sharp edges compliment the cable’s stark lines. Want to strike a bold and dramatic tone? Consider painting the posts red, orange or yellow for a vibrant pop! of color. Crown the cable railing with a metal top rail to complete the sleek look.

Looking to go full metal? Black posts and black metal top rails lend a stark, industrial element to any deck, and are ideal for homeowners who want to create contrast between their deck and the materials used on the exterior of the home.

Maybe minimalist is more your style? An aluminum top rail with silver posts blends seamlessly into your surroundings by acting as a sort of mirror for the outdoor elements. This style of cable deck railing works exceptionally well with composite decking in a similar shade.

Is your home a bit of everything? Consider a wooden top rail to pull multiple design themes together. For homes with wood decks, you can match the top rail to your specific stain and type of wood. Cable deck railing systems offer the flexibility to attach any style or material of top rail.


For many years cable deck railing has been priced out of many homeowner budgets. Installing cable deck railing traditionally required the help of a licensed contractor, and the raw material cost was simply too expensive compared to other deck railing options. The good news is that as popularity has soared, many manufacturers have found innovative ways to bring the cost down, and in some cases even made cable railing accessible to DIY enthusiasts.

In fact, that’s the very reason we launched CityPost. We wanted to make cable deck railing affordable and accessible to every homeowner. Our cable railing kits are DIY friendly and the fastest install on the market. We include all of the parts and instructions you need to install the cable deck railing of your dreams.

Here’s how our one-of-a-kind cable railing kit works:

  1. Measure each length of your deck in lineal feet.
  2. Measure the length of any stairs that are attached to the deck.
  3. Enter each segment length into our online quote calculator.

You’ll have the opportunity to choose whether you want steel or stainless steel cable, and you can even customize the color of the posts. Our online quote calculator will provide you with a comprehensive quote. If you like what you see you can order right away, or talk to one of our friendly cable railing experts for advice.

Each CityPost cable railing kit comes with everything you need to complete your project. The only element we exclude from the kit is the top rail, which we leave to you so that you can work with a local vendor to match your existing deck. If you need help finding a vendor, we’re more than happy to help. We want homeowners to experience the fun and excitement of completing a project, which is why we’ve made our DIY cable railing kits stress-free to build.

The next time you’re relaxing on a stylish patio and feel a little twinge of jealousy, remember CityPost--the easy and affordable way to bring beautiful cable deck railing to your home.

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