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Cable Railing Installation

Our patent-pending technology makes cable railing installation a breeze.

The rotating bracket allows for single-person installation on stairs, decks, patios, interior and more. Pre-drilled posts and patent pending stair posts makes cable railing accessible to all. Contractors and DIYers alike rave about our simple installation with easy to understand parts and instructions that come packaged in our cable railing kit. Our kits are easily ordered for your horizontal railing or stair railing segments. Our modern design works well in any location: deck railings, porch railings, balcony railings, indoor stair railings etc. Whether you are installing an indoor railing, outdoor railing, or any other location. CityPost cable railing has a product in our warehouse ready for you.

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DIY Cable Railing

Our cable railing kits include every part you will need for a successful DIY installation.

Our cable railing kits include everything you need to get railing: predrilled posts and mounting bolts, patent pending toprail mounting brackets, bracket screws, 316 Stainless 1/8 cables, and custom CityPost tensioning studs. Regardless of your layout, our modular design will meet your needs without breaking the bank. Cable railing parts ordering in the industry is overly complex and extremely difficult for someone attempting a first time pro cable railing install or diy cable railing install. As a result our engineer's worked hard to make sure our diy cable railing kit fit almost every need with only a few part selections for mounting type and color. Our friendly cable railing ordering system will lead you through the process. Whether your cable railing project is for an indoor stair railing, balcony railing, deck railing, porch our engineering and sales staff is ready to assist on making sure you have everything your need. Request a review of your order at checkout time and our staff will call to ensure the layouts of horizontal railing and stair railing are perfect and adjust your cable railing kit as necessary.

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Affordable Cable Railing

We didn’t like other "do it yourself" cable railing systems, so we created our own.

CityPost was developed by three friends (Mike, Aleksi & Nate) from Spokane, Washington, USA. Over the course of three years as Mike and Nate took on the task of building their own custom homes to maximize views. They didn't want the maintenance of glass railing and wrestled with the high-cost of cable deck railing and knew there must be a better way. After exhausting every alternative on the market they decided to create their own high-quality & affordable cable railing solution to solve the problem of high-cost cable railing market. The cable railing had to be strong but flexible visually so they went for a metal railing (steel posts to avoid the flex in aluminum railing) with options for wood railing, aluminum railing, and composite railing tops.

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