Once a luxury that only resorts and high end businesses could afford, cable deck railing has quickly become a must-have for homeowners looking to add a modern design element to the exterior of their home. Cable railing systems provide maximum visibility from your deck or porch, and they do an excellent job of making a space feel larger.

If adding a cable railing system to your deck is on your to-do list this year, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s start with a brief history of this innovative and beautiful style of railing.


The term “cable railing system” refers to the combination of a handrail (top rail), cables and other railing material that come together to form a sleek and modern finishing touch for decks, porches and stairways. Cable railing comes in steel or stainless steel wire, and is threaded through posts to create the railing infill. Intermediate posts are typically made of aluminum or other metal materials, or hardwood that can withstand the tension of the cables.

Cable railing systems are typically installed by experienced tradesmen who have the specialized tools and expertise to safely mount cable railing. As you might imagine, the cost of materials and labor can quickly break a budget, and for many years, homeowners had to shelve their design goals in favor of more affordable and traditional railing options.

As cable deck railing has grown in popularity a market has emerged that seeks to make cable railing systems more affordable and “homeowner friendly,” with instructions geared toward making the installation process easier for the average person. Your dream deck is now within reach (and budget)!


Incorporating cable railing into your design instantly adds a stylish and sleek appearance to any deck. With numerous top rail options, styles and colors, you can easily customize cable railing to compliment all types of decking material.

Vinyl decking
Cable railing systems offer the flexibility to fit in naturally with any decking material, with vinyl decking offering a unique opportunity to mix and match bold colors and textures. Cable railing posts can be painted any color you can imagine! Want a deck that has dramatic contrast? Consider pairing your vinyl deck with a cable railing system that incorporates a wood top rail.

Wood decking
Prefer a more “au naturel” appearance? Cable railing can be paired with many types of wood top rails to match your wood decking. Black posts and steel cable infill blend seamlessly into their surroundings, allowing the natural beauty of your wood deck to shine.

Composite decking
Much like vinyl, composite decking offers a modern appearance that blends well with the sleek profile of cable railing. Opt for a silver or metallic finish on your cable railing posts to bring out an modern industrial touch to any composite deck.



Concerned that you may not be able to afford cable deck railing? Worry no more! Advances in cable railing technology have made it easy and affordable for every homeowner to design and install cable deck railing without the need for a licensed contractor.

CityPost offers a DIY cable railing kit that includes all of the materials needed to install cable railing, with no special tools or knowledge required. Our kits are custom built to your specifications (you can even choose a custom color for your posts). All materials are included except for the top rail, which we exclude so that you have an opportunity to choose a material that matches your deck. Need help finding a top rail vendor? We’re happy to get you in touch with a vendor near you.

Every CityPost cable railing system comes with:

  • Cable (we can pre-cut at your request)
  • Posts
  • Bolts & screws
  • Brackets
  • All of the personal support and service you’ll ever need!

We launched CityPost with the goal of helping homeowners take control of their projects and their budgets. Our cable railing kits come backed by industry leading support. We’re with you every step of the way, whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or first timer.

Best of all? Our cable railing systems are some of the most affordable on the market. We’re able to keep costs down by building your kit to your precise measurements, eliminating waste and keeping material costs in check.

Getting started on your budget friendly cable deck railing project is easy and stress-free. Simply measure, enter your data into our online calculator, and you’ll receive an instant quote. No salesman required! Unless you’d like to speak with one--we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

Homeowners throughout the United States have designed and built some truly amazing decks, and you can too!

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