Step 4:  Attach Stair Handrail


Now its time to install the stair handrail.  Place the CityBrackets in the CityPost tops making sure that the rounded side is facing up hill as shown below:

Cut your handrail to length while ensuring that it reaches the top post with an appropriately mitered cut.  There are many ways to terminate the top of a stair railing but the easiest way is to terminate into the side or bottom of the horizontal railing.  This will depend somewhat on the slope of your stairs and the depth of your railing. We recommend a 2.25” by .75” graspable handrail for stairs in most jurisdictions.

The top rail for the stairs can be attached with the self tapping screws provided in the same way that the horizontal railing was attached.  In this case it is easiest to attach the CityBracket to the handrail first though.  The brackets will automatically rotate in place to the proper angle as you place pressure on the handrail.  This is the CityPost magic 😊  

Below is an example for a vertically screwed end joint which we feel allows the cleanest look for the railing system as the horizontal rail covers the joint.


Note:  For shallow stair angles we would recommend using a pocket hole jig and for weaker screw/wood combinations we recommend enforcing the joint with a strap hinge that can be found at your local hardware store. Example shown below: