Step 1:  Layout Deck Segments


CityPost is an ultra-flexible system for creating your own custom cable railing installation but we provide these guidelines for a basic deck.  We think CityPost has the easiest cable railing installation instructions and we hope you agree.


We recommend placing all of your end posts once your order arrives and then measure to the center of the post to fine tune your spacing measurements before installation.  See below:


Once those measurements are known please download the placement calculator/order form at:

Simply enter you measurements and your post spacing will be calculated.  The example project is shown below:

Here you see that post center spacing is calculated for each segment.    Now proceed to lay out the rest of your project like we show below:

We recommend visually verifying the location of each post and temporarily marking the location with tape.  This will serve as a reminder for where additional framing may be required.   Now that layout is complete ensure that suitable stringers and cross bracing are directly below the holes in your CityPosts.   Consult a structural engineer if required in your jurisdiction.


Step 2:  Layout Stair Segments

For Stair Installation consider the example below:

Many configurations are possible but it is recommended that you place your bottom post 1 tread distance out on the landing (note the 11” in above).  This guarantees that the railing is at least 36” tall before the top rail is added. 

Now note the placement of the remainder of the posts with the top railings removed.  The stair posts are less than 4’ apart horizontally and placed at the leading structural edge of the stair (do not screw the posts into any unsupported part of the stair such as bullnose).  Also worth noting in the picture below is that the top post holes are directed down the stairs.  In addition the last post in the horizontal run is butted up against the top-of-stair post so that less than a 4” gap exists between the two posts. At most a 1” gap is allowed between CityPosts in this configuration.  Now that post layout is complete you can drop your CityBrackets into the open post tops and secure the posts to the framing using the provided 2 7/8” Star Drive Screws

Now its time to secure all of the horizontal brackets to the posts.  Drop a bracket into each post hole as shown in the previous pictures.  We will only be securing the horizontal deck posts in this first step. Use the included self tapping screws and screw through the flat side of the bracket as shown below:

Now that all of the horizontal City Brackets are attached to the post we recommend installing all of the horizontal railing first.  See the sample below.  In general it is best to miter the corners (lower left corner of deck) so that no exposed endgrain is shown but CityPost can also be installed as butted joints.

The railing should be secured to the CityBrackets with the include self tapping screws