Where does CityPost ship?

The lower 48 states, Hawaii and Alaska are extra.

Does CityPost perform installation or just provide material?

CityPost provides complete cable railing systems nationwide and will perform installation in select markets. We currently have installers in Spokane, Seattle, Sacramento, and Portland. That said, CityPost is very user friendly and can be installed by homeowners and tradesmen alike due to our unique design.

How do I order a CityPost railing system?

The beauty of CityPost is that ordering is simple with no pressured upsell from salesman. You can use our ordering instructions to measure the lineal feet and segments necessary to cover your project and estimate the cost of your project in minutes, see link. Simply fill in your order on our website or call one of our associates at 855-GET-CITY.

Does the system come with everything I need?

We provide all of the deck/patio bolts, screws, posts, cable and our patent pending bracket. In essence, CityPost provides all components but the top-rail because most homeowners want to match the horizontal rail to their existing decking surface or house trim. We can help with sourcing top rail but it is not included in the baseline quote. Most top-rails cost under $3.50/lineal foot from lumberyards.

What tools do I need to install the railing system?

You will need cable cutters ($20), a swage tool ($50) and a drill. For first time orders over 20/lineal feet we will include a cutter and swage tool for free in your shipment.

What are the color options?

We offer 5 base colors at no extra cost: Black, White, Gray, Bronze and Clear. For an additional $300 setup fee and $10/lineal foot any paint color at Cardinal Paints can be applied. Please see:

How tall are the posts?

Our in-stock steel posts are 36” tall. The finished height of the railing is between 37” and 38” depending on the top rail chosen. 42” posts are also available.

Do you have any solutions face mounted or angled mounts?

Yes we can provide face/fascia mounted solutions most easily but we also have solutions for mounting to the top of stair stringers. Our custom fabricator can work with almost any situation.

How far apart are the posts?

Posts are designed to be placed on 4’ centers to maximize support for the top-rail. 

Do the cables come pre-cut?

Ideally the cables will be cut to length on site to maximize material usage, but CityPost will pre-cut cables at the customer’s request.

Do you leave extra length on the cable?

Yes. We leave extra cable to ensure you have plenty of room to make attachments.