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How Cable Railing Kits Can Save You Money

How Cable Railing Kits Can Save You Money

Cable railing has seen a huge surge in popularity in the last few years due its sleek and modern design elements that maximize visibility and improve the aesthetics of stairways and decks. Sadly, cable railing has been largely out of reach for many homeowners because of its sky-high material cost. In the past, cable railing needed to be installed by a skilled contractor or deck builder because of the intricacies and difficulty of piecing together the cable railing and posts.

Between the cost of materials and contractor labor, cable railing was simply too expensive for most.Thankfully, necessity breeds innovation and cable railing kits have transitioned to become homeowner and DIY-friendly. By cutting out the cost of a contractor, homeowners can save considerable sums of money by installing DIY cable railing kits on their own.

Benefits of a Cable Railing Kit

Prior to cable railing kits being made available to DIY enthusiasts, the process of ordering cable railing was extremely complex (mostly so manufacturers could charge a premium for their ‘exclusive’ knowledge). In many markets this confusing measurement and ordering process is still a major barrier for homeowners looking to save money on the cost of installation.

While there are many products on the market, most are geared toward contractors who already know how to install cable railing, and have the tools needed to drill posts and fasten cables. Savvy homeowners with previous experience building decks or stairways can probably piecemeal together a cable railing system from a catalogue, but for the rest of us, there’s a more accessible and friendly option.

Enter CityPost. Our cable railing kits offer these key benefits:

  1. Easy to install. We skip the contractor jargon and provide easy to understand installation instructions that empower homeowners to tackle projects on their own.
  2. More affordable than other cable railing kits. CityPost was created out of a need for affordable cable railing, and we’ve priced our kits to be accessible to any homeowner.
  3. Custom colors to meet any design goal. We offer 5 base color options: black, white, gray, bronze and clear. Looking for a custom color? For a small additional fee, we’ll paint your posts to match your design.
  4. No special tools required. CityPost cable railing kits can be installed with cable cutters, a drill and a swage tool. It’s that easy.

How to Order a Cable Railing Kit

Ordering online from CityPost is fast, secure and easy. Our 3 step process was carefully engineered to be user-friendly, without the need for advanced industry or construction knowledge.

Step 1. Measure the number of flat segments (sides) in your design, using lineal feet.
Step 2. Measure stair and landing lengths.
Step 3. Enter your measurements into our online quote calculator.

We’re always available to help you through the quote process, or you can complete your order online without ever having to talk to a salesman.

Start Saving On Your Next Deck or Stairway Project

By ordering a DIY cable railing kit online, you can save thousands of dollars on the cost of labor, and benefit from the savings offered by going directly to the manufacturer. We’ve made it easy for homeowners to measure, order and install CityPost cable railing kits and we back our product with industry leading service and support.

Before we were cable railing experts, we were homeowners with questions. That’s why we always make ourselves available to help you every step of the way, from measuring, estimating and installing.

Call us at 855-438-2489 or contact us online. We’re here to help your project succeed.