About Us

CityPost was developed by three friends (Mike, Aleksi & Nate) from Spokane, WA. Over the course of three years as Mike and Nate took on the task of building their own custom homes they wrestled with the high-cost of cable railing and knew there must be a better way. After exhausting every alternative on the market they decided to create their own low cost cable railing solution to solve the problem of high-cost cable railing market.

Nate, a former weapons systems researcher for the U.S. Navy with a PhD in optimization theory, Mike, a sales manager for an international construction materials manufacturer, and Aleksi, a Cornell University grad mechanical engineer with years of design experience in the tech industry, realized they had a solution to disrupt the cable railing industry. By optimizing the design of a single post to fit with their patent pending bracket Mike, Nate, and Aleksi were able to create a cable rail system that can be installed on horizontal planes (balconies, decks, patios, etc) as well as stairs without ever cutting a post or using expensive hardware. In addition the optimized bracket allows for a wide variety of custom handrails (exotic wood millwork, composite etc.) to be incorporated and match a custom decor. Thus, with a goal of no fuss install and high-end custom look, CityPost was born.

CityPost is committed to offering high quality components and the popular high-end look of cable railing without the high-end cost. We believe that quality, beauty, and affordability can co-exist. We ship nationwide and have local staff available for questions in Spokane, Portland and Seattle.